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St Mary's Church, Stowe.

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Stowe Parish Church, often called simply "St Mary's", is situated on the beautiful, world-famous Stowe Gardens Estate, Buckinghamshire, England. The church building is more than 800 years old but we're not a museum! We are an active, parish church serving the surrounding area. We aim to be a warm, welcoming church serving our parishioners and all who come to us including visitors to the National Trust estate.   

Sunday morning services begin at 9.45am

The monthly services pattern is usually as follows:

First Sunday:  Morning Prayer                                                                                   Second Sunday: 1662 Communion                                                                            Third Sunday:  Family Service                                                                                 Fourth Sunday Common Worship Communion 

Stowe Stars for children is held every Sunday in Stowe Church during the morning service. There are more details here.

On the first Sunday of the month there is a Service of Holy Communion (using the 1662 Prayer Book) at 8.00am.

Service details can be found in  Services

Past Sermons can be found  here.

Services are arranged by the Stowe Ministry Team.

Our ministry is rooted firmly in the Christian Gospel that Jesus came to bring. We believe this message of God's love and life for everyone is something to share and live out with everyone around us. In the rapidly changing, demanding world of the 21st century we believe that people are hungry to find spiritual values which provide a firm foundation for their lives and for their children.

Through the message of Jesus we want to make a difference in ways that are real and relevant to the local community and the world around us. We take seriously the call to serve in the world in which we live, the importance of caring for one another and to offer ways in which we can experience the love of God and His purpose for each of our lives.

People come to us for many reasons: to worship God, to explore the Christian faith, to seek answers to serious questions about life, or in a time of need. Some come to get married, to have their children baptised, to make friends or as passing visitors to the estate. Whatever your reason, we look forward to meeting you.

Note: Stowe School has its own School Chapel and chaplain. Stowe Parish Church is a separate community and building, just a few hundred metres away.

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